Josiah’s Religious Reforms

We’ve heard about it… maybe read about it…. as far as we are concerned, it’s something someone else has done. WE are not idolatrous… or so we think.
In II Kings 23, there is the story of the time when King Josiah reigned in Israel. During his reign, the priest discovered the book of God in the temple. After reading the book of God, Josiah was led to bring about religious reform in Judah.
He brought all the vessels out of the temple that were used for Baal and he burned them.
He did away with the idolatrous priests.
He broke down the houses of the male cult prostitutes.
Josiah was getting rid of everything associated with false gods.
Josiah was committed to walking with God.
What about us? Are there idols in our lives? I can tell you before you ask that there is.      Anything that stands between us and the Lord is an idol.
There is idol of leisure. There is the idol of sports. There is the idol of money. In some cases, there may be the idol of family. And on and on the list goes. Again, whatever stands between us and God is an idol.
Maybe we need to tear down some idols in our lives.

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