The Temptation To Covet

Have you ever coveted something? If you are human you likely have. 🙂
Maybe someone gets a new automobile and you like it and you covet it.
Maybe someone has a beautiful house and you covet it.
To covet something means we want it. We like it and we want it. In Acts 20:33, Paul is meeting with a group of elders from Ephesus. He is headed to Jerusalem where he thinks he may die. So, he gives a farewell address to them. In it Paul says, “I have never coveted anyone’s silver or gold or fine clothes.”
Paul had never wanted what someone else had…he was always content with what he did. In fact, Paul said in Phillipians, “I have learned to be content…”
At times, I admit, I struggle with comtentment. But when I do, Im reminded that God provides for our NEEDS.
We rented a car to make a quick trip to see our families. a few days ago. The car we rented had a nice, new infotainment system in it and we enjoyed it. But as we turned it in we got back to our old system. I coveted the newer system but I am thankful for what we have.
When you are tempted to covet, give thanks for what you already have.

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