God Loves The Righteous & Unrighteousness.

Our God is a very loving God. I say that because at times we can think that God just loves his children. But God loves everyone. He certainly not always pleased with our actions but God loves us.

There may be someone you know who is not a believer or maybe they are doing well financially. They have a nice house, they drive a nice car, they travel and maybe they own a business that is doing well. While they seem to be prospering, you are just sort of getting by. Your needs are met but you don’t live like they do. You could easily begin to think, “God why don’t you blessed me like you bless them. Those people are not believers; I am.”

Well, first of all; God doesn’t settle all of His accounts on earth. Yes they may be prospering… But if they never trust Christ as their Savior, their eternal destiny is separation from God.

But second, the Bible says that God loves and blesses all people. Psalm 145:9 says, “The Lord is good to everyone.”

Our God is a loving God. He is good to everyone… The Bible says he calls the sun to rise on the righteous and the unrighteous. Thank God for His love.

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