I Was Filled With Pride

(Periodically I’ve done posts where I am transparent and bear my soul. I do this hoping it may help someone. I bear my soul today.)

During the last two-years-and-four-months,God has been working in my life. God has convicted me of sin in my heart and had shown me places where I was wrong. God is growing me.

One area where God is convicting me is pride. Someone told me my heart was filled with pride. I admit, I got angry at first. I know some people that I felt were filled with pride but I wasn’t one of them,or so I thought. But I was.

I read a little book entitled “From Pride To Humility”and it spoke to me. I encourage every Christian to read it. My heart was filled with pride.

For example; education is Important me. I have a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry degree. I was proud of that. But the Lord says, “Big whup….that means nothing to me….what’s your heart like?”

There are other areas where my heart was filled with pride but, in all honesty… I don’t feel comfortable sharing those.

As the Lord convicted me, I thought of others that I felt were filled with pride. The Lord said, “You don’t worry about them; you follow me.”

In the Sermon-on-the-mount,Jesus said, “blessed are the meek…”

Psalms 138:8 says, “Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble,

but he keeps his distance from the proud.”

I’ve shared this in hopes it may help someone. It hurts me to share it. It embarrasses me to share it. But, I felt led to so hopefully the Lord uses this to speak to someone.

If your heart is filled with pride like mine was, I encourage you to humbly confess it and ask God for forgiveness and He will do it.

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