God Lifts Us When We Can’t Sing

I love music and I love to sing. But there are times when, even if I like a song, if my heart is heavy or if I’m burdened down about somethimg,I have a diffivult time singing.
This happens at times in church. Maybe theee is a beautiful sing being sung….a song that I really like….but I try to sing and I can’t becauae my heart is heavy. Possibly you have been there.
Psalms 137:4 says, “How can we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land.”
The people of Israel were away from their home-land and had difficulty singing. Their spirits were low because they were in a foreign land.
Maybe your heart is heavy today. Maybe you are burdened down. Maybe you have lost a job or, your marriage is struggling or, you know someone who is sgruggling and your heart is heavy for them.
If you are burdened down and can’t sing, the Lord knows hour heart. The Lord knows your heart and your concern. He alone, can pick us up.

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