Don’t Force Your Kids To Play A Sport They Don’t Like

A word of advice for parents….
My daughter got married Saturday night. Her bridesmaids gave her a scrapbook with pictures and letters on Saturday.
Last night, Holli and I looked at her scrapbook for the first time and….I cried again. There was a picture of me holding her right after she was born…..a picture of her sitting in my lap…and others.
As I thought back over her life,I remembered her middle school years. Sarah was fairly tall and could have been a decent basketball player. So,I encouraged/pushed her to play. Only problem was, she didn’t want to play and part of the reason was, she didn’t want me coaching her from the stands. So, after middle school,she never played basketball.
I made a mistake with her. i wanted her to play basketball;she wanted to be a cheerleader. I tried to get her to play a sport ahe didn’t like, because I liked the sport.
Parents, I encourage you, don’t do that with your kids. If they don’t like a sport, they won’t play hard. Let them be themselves.
Sarah never played high school basketball. She didn’t want to. i wanted her to but she didn’t want to. Instead she was a cheerleader and played soccer which she enjoyed.
Don’t try to force a square-peg in a round hole. Let your kids be who they are. i almost messed up with that but thank the Lord, I finally listened to my daughter.

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