“It’s Water Under The Bridge”

Has someone ever hurt you? Said something that really stung or maybe mistreated you?
Most of us have experienced that. We are human and humans aren’t perfect. We slip. We make mistakes.
So, you’ve been hurt or mistreated…what do you do then? We may say, “I deserve an apology.” Ok, you may be right; but what if that doesnt apology doesn’t come? Do you remain angry? Are you angry the rest of your life?
Proverbs 17:9 says, “Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close feiends.”.
Think about that verse…”dwelling on it separates close friends.”
Are you dwelling on something? Is there something that happened some time ago but you are still dwelling on it? Let it go, friend.
You may have been hurt but, dwelling on it does no good. Ask the Lord to help you forget it and move on.
Brooks and Dunn have a song that talks about someone thats been hurt. But, the person set that aside and moved on. The song goes, “it’s whiskey under the bridge..” Those lyrics come from the phrase “it’s water under the bridge.”
I don’t drink but, I like the lyrics.
Today, if you are dwelling on something, let it go and move forward. It’s water under the bridge.

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