Be Like Barnabas – Encourage Someone

At times, we all need someone to “go to bat” for us, so to speak. Or, another way of saying it is, we need someone to “speak up” on our behalf.
In the ninth chapter of Acts, Saul of Tarsus, who had recently been converted, went to Jerusalem. The believers in Jerusalem were apprehensive to embrace Saul because, they knew he had persecuted Christians. So, the Bible says, Barnabas stepped up. Barnabas told the apostles that Saul was for real. He had genuinely believed in Jesus and was a changed man.
All of us need someone like Barnabas at times… someone to speak up for us… someone who “has our back.” And, it may be that God wants us to be a Barnabas for someone.
Barnabas was an encourager. In our negative, critical… finger-pointing…fault-finding world, we desperately need some people who are like Barnabas.
Today, maybe God wants you to be a Barnabas to someone… Maybe there is someone that needs a word of encouragement.
A few weeks ago, I received a package in the mail. I opened up and it was a shirt with a letter inside. The letter and the shirt were from a man in my Sunday School class. It was a letter of encouragement. That letter is lying on my desk right now. I intend to frame it. Because, it’s a reminder to me that even when I’m down, God is with me. God loves me and others love me. It’s a letter of encouragement.
I encourage you to encourage someone today. Don’t be a critical fault-finder. Zig Ziglar says that some people “find fault like there’s a reward for it.” Don’t be like that; be a Barnabas and encourage someone.

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