“You Don’t Throw Away A Life Just Because It’s Beat Up”

People make mistakes all the time. And when people make mistakes, at times, people have a tendency to want to disqualify them. To toss them aside and mark them as “used up… disqualified.”
Yet, the very gospel we preach, is a gospel of second chances. Somehow we forget that. The Bible is FILLED with accounts of people who made mistakes but God used them.
John Mark…
Do we need more examples? Hopefully not. Christianity is the gospel of the second chance.
In the movie “Seabiscuit” there is a scene where Tim Howard (Jeff Bridges) is at the horse track. He notices Tom Smith (Chris Cooper) sitting in the edge of the woods watching a horse. The horse is lame.
As the men talk, Tom Howard asks, “What are you going to do with that lame horse?”
Tom Smith says, “I’m going to nurse him back to health.”
This surprises Tim Howard and he questions the wisdom of it.
Tom Smith says, “You don’t throw a horse away just because it’s beat up a little.”
Maybe you are beat up a little and you think God is finished with you. You aren’t. God can use you and God will use you.
Christian… stop holding people to a higher standard than Jesus did. Everyone has made mistakes. No one is perfect… You don’t throw away someone just because they are beat up a little.
Sometimes, someone who is hurting or has been hurt can be used more because they know how it feels to hurt. Don’t throw someone away just because they are beat up a little.

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