Answers Regarding Suicide

This  past week, two very well-known people tragically took their lives. One was Kate Spade,handbag designer and the other was Anthony Bourdain. Suicide is terrible.  Anytime it happens it is troubling.

What leads someone to do this?  When someone does this, for them, their seems to be no hope for the future. They cannot bear the thought of living with their trouble and pain.

What is the eternal destiny of one who commits suicide?  Some people believe they go to hell but that is not true. Suicide is tragic….horrible….but, it does not send someone to hell. If the person was a believer, they go to heaven.  The method of death does not matter.

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdian were very famous people yet, they took their lives. This proves that fame and fortune doesn’t bring happiness.

If you know of anyone that has mentioned suicide, don’t take it lightly. Reach out to them. Get them help. DO NOT take this kind of thing lightly.

Maybe someone reading this has considered suicide. Friend, listen; Jesus loves you. I don’t care what you’ve done, Jesus loves you. If you need help, contact a Pastor or a competent counselor. Contact me if you need to. You have friends….I’m your friend if you need help.

Suicide is terrible but it does not send someone to hell. If a person is a believer, they go to heaven. If you are down, get help.  Jesus loves you. I love you. You have family or friends who love you. You CAN face life.

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