The Holy Spirit Brings Conviction

Is there someone you know that you are concerned about? Maybe this person drinks a lot… you have pleaded with this person to stop drinking before it kills them but they won’t do it. Maybe you know someone who is doing drugs. Maybe you have pleaded with them to stop but they won’t do it.
The reason they won’t stop is, they are not convicted of their sin and the need to do something or, they are addicts and need help to stop but their pride won’t let them get help.
In John 16, Jesus was preparing His disciples for His departure. They were concerned because they didn’t know what the future held. But Jesus told them that He must leave and that the “Advocate” would come after He left.
The “Advocate” was the Holy Spirit. After Jesus’ ascension, God would send the Holy Spirit into the world. And, one of the things the Holy Spirit would do would be to convict the world fo sin.
Think about that; you may have a family member or friend or colleague at work that you have witnessed to but thus far, they have refused to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Part of the reason may be that they are not convicted of their sin. Their sin doesn’t bother them. One of the purpose’s of the Holy Spirit is to convict the world… convict us, of sin.
What does “convict” mean? It means to feel sorry for our sin. It means to recognized that we are sinners and we desperately need help and because of that, we accept God’s offer of grace.
You will not lead anyone to Christ unless they are convicted that they need Christ. No one’s life will change unless they realize they need to change. The Holy Spirit convicts. Today, pray for God’s Holy Spirit to convict your friends or family of their sin and to ask for forgiveness through Jesus.

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