Trying To Please People Leads To Unhappiness

Are you a people-pleaser? Most of us have a little of it in us. Being a “people-pleaser” means making decisions and doing things for the approval of people. Some of us, have a lot of it in us.
As children, we want to please our parents. It’s normal to be this way. It’s God’s will for everyone to have a home and parents and it’s normal for children to want their parents to be happy with them.
At work, we want to please our boss. Everyone wants to feel like our boss… our supervisor… is pleased with our work. That’s normal.
But, what’s not good is when we want to please people rather than God and that can happen. John 12:43 says, “…for they loved the approval of men rather than the approval of God…”
So, whose approval are you seeking? Be honest with yourself. Maybe you are a people-pleaser but you are embarrassed to say it. It’s normal for us to want to please our parents or our boss or teacher or coach. What isn’t normal is when our lives are governed by the approval of men.
Maybe you are doing something strictly for the approval of men. You don’t like to do it and you don’t feel you are very good at it but, you do it because someone else expects it.       Well, stop doing it! It really doesn’t matter what someone else thinks. What matter is if you are happy and doing what God wants you to do.
If you have to please someone in order for them to love you, then, they don’t really love you. Real love is when someone loves you regardless of what you do or who you are.
If you are a people-pleaser, ask God to help you move on. You shouldn’t live your life for the approval of others. Live it for the approval of God.

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