People Will Let You Down – Jesus Won’t

In the television mini-series “Lonesome Dove,” Jake Spoon was a Texas Ranger who had been to Montana. As he described it, Captain ‘Call (Tommy Lee Jones) decided he wanted to take a herd of cattle to Montana and start a ranch. He was county on Jake to show them the way. But Jake begins to waver and doesn’t sound like he’s going on the trip. At one point, “Captain ‘Call” asks his side-kick, “Gus McRae” (Robert Duvall) if he thinks Jake is going to go on the trip. Gus replies, “What I do know is; Jake is far too leaky a vessel to put much hope in.”
I’ve known some folks like Jake… they are far too leaky a vessel to put much hope in. I’m guessing you’ve known some folks like that as well.
Psalm 114:8 says, “It’s better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” David had been let down. He knew how it felt. He knew that you shouldn’t put your trust in man.
Maybe you have been let down. Maybe a spouse disappointed you. Maybe a parent let you down or… a very close friend. It happens. People are people… they are flawed and they will let us down. Because of that we should keep our trust in the Lord.
Some time back I was talking with a Preacher friend and I told him how disappointed I was in some people. He said, “Always keep your eyes on Jesus..”(Hebrews 12:2).
His point was; people will always let you down. Judas and Peter let Jesus down. But God never lets us down. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

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