You Can Have Fun As A Christian

Recently I was talking with an individual who was an atheist. I explained “Pascal’s wager” to her. If you aren’t familiar with that, Blaise Pascal, a French philosopher once said that if you believe in God and live for God throughout your life, when you come to the end of life, if God doesn’t exist, you’ve lost nothing.
This individual replied, “Yeah, except, if God doesn’t exist, I want to be with the fun people..” They were referring to partying with non-Christians.
“I want to be with the fun people..”
The world’s idea of fun is drinking, maybe getting high on drugs… sexual immorality etc… Today, when many people get off work, they will stop by a grocery store or convenience store and buy a case of bar. They will spend the weekend, drinking that case of beer… That’s considered fun.
But, Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). The word that is translated “abundantly” means “more than enough.” So, Jesus is saying the Christian life should supply more than enough happiness for us.
Ok, so,… question.. are you enjoying the Christian life? Are you finding peace and fulfillment in the Christian life? I’m going to be honest here… lots of times our       Christianity can simply be a religion of “do’s and don’ts.” “Don’t do this.. don’t do this… etc..”
But there is no joy in that. When we give our lives to Christ, the Holy Spirit working in us takes away our desire for the things we once did. We find no joy in getting drunk… in sexual immorality…
Instead our joy is found in having fellowship with other believers… in learning more about God.
You can have fun as a Christian. You can laugh… some of us need to laugh at ourselves more.
Country comedian Jerry Clower was from East Fork, Mississippi. I had the opportunity to meet him two or three times. He was a very good comedian.
He would often close his shows by saying something like this… “I love laughter and I have made arrangements to miss the one place on earth where there ‘ain’t gone be no laughter..” He was talking about hell.
I agree with Jerry. I love laughter. And you can laugh and enjoy life and have fun as a Christian.

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