“Trust Him Anyway”

“Trust Him anyway…”
Those words came to mind this morning after I read Psalm 112:7 which reads, “His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.”
The word “steadfast” brings to mind someone who has been hit… someone who has been knocked down… they are a bit shaky but they remain “steadfast…trust in the Lord.”
Many of us have been there. We are believers. We love the Lord… we believe that living for Christ is the right way to live. But, we have gone through tough times. We have gone through adversity. Maybe even to the point of beginning to question if God exists.             Or, we may question if the right thing to do is trust God.
Maybe we pray and there seems to be no answer.
Maybe we work hard but our business doesn’t seem to grow while others.. maybe even people who are not believers, does grow. In those situations, yes, a person may begin to question the existence of God.
But the Psalmist says that even though things are tough, the righteous man remains “steadfast… trusting in the Lord.”
And as I thought about those few words… the phrase “trust Him anyway” came to mind. I don’t remember where I’ve heard it but, the idea is, “when things are tough… when we don’t understand…. trust Him anyway
When God is silent… trust Him anyway,
When the economy is struggling… trust Him anyway.
When we get passed over for the job… trust Him anyway.
Today.. whatever you are dealing with… if you begin to wobble some… if you are a little shaky…. trust Him anyway.

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