“Lord, I Need A Sign”

“Lord, give me a sign, please.”
Have you ever said that?
Very likely you have.
I’ve said it.
When we are trying to make decisions, especially if it’s something that is going to be a challenge, we may pray to the Lord and say something like, “Father, I want to do your will. Lord if you want me to do this… give me some kind of sign.”
But, we shouldn’t have to have a sign from God for everything. In John 4, the Bible tells of a time when a royal official, a man who had a son who was sick at Capernaum, came to Jesus and asked Him to heal His Son. Jesus said, “Unless you people see signs and wonders you simply will not believe” (John 4:48).
Think about that verse… “unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe..” We have a tendency to be the same today.
For example, maybe there is something God has put on your heart to do. It’s going to require some commitment and maybe a little sacrifice. So, you may pray to God, “Lord, if you want me to do this… please do this.” God can do it… God can do whatever He wants but, does He need to do it in order for us to simply be obedient. Friend, if God has put something on your heart to do, you need to do it. You don’t need a sign from God.
There are things that God’s word tells us we need to do. We need to witness. We need to pray. We need to serve. We need to resolve conflict between ourselves and someone else if there is bitterness between us. We don’t need a sign from God to do any of those things. God’s word tells us to do it.
In the Old Testament, there is a great story about this. There was a man named Gideon whom God sent an angel to appear to. God wanted Gideon to lead His people into battle. Now, keep in mind… God has sent an angel.. Angels don’t appear every day. But that wasn’t enough for Gideon. Gideon needed a sign.
He took a fleece of wool and said, “Lord, if you really want me to do this… make the ground around the fleece wet tonight and leave the fleece dry.”
Gideon woke up the next day and sure enough, the ground is wet but the fleece of wool is dry. Ok, so Gideon has his sign, right?
Nope.. Gideon wants another sign
So, he prays, “Ok, Lord… would you now reverse it? Make the fleece of wool wet and the ground around it dry.” Gideon gets up and sure enough, fleece of wool is wet and the ground is dry. So, Gideon has been given a sign and he leads Israel into battle.
God may be speaking to you about doing something. Maybe God is telling you to begin tithing. Maybe serving… Maybe it’s a commitment to some type ministry.
This is the simplest way I can sum I know how to sum it up; We don’t have to have a sign to obedient to what God has already told us to do in His word.
Today, stop looking for a sign.. If God has spoken to you, do what God has told you to do!

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