A Woman With A Checkered Past Meets A Savior Who Loves Everyone

Have you ever thought your life was too messed up… too soiled for even Jesus to clean up? Some may feel that way. Maybe we made some mistakes… did some things that embarrass us now, as we think about them and the devil can make us think we are absolutely useless… maybe even unforgivable.
Well, that’s not true. None of us… I repeat, none of us are unforgivable. Maybe you did make some mistakes… maybe you did mess up but, that doesn’t mean Jesus doesn’t love you.
In John 4, Jesus has a conversation with a woman from Samaria. The Jews despised the Samaritans so, the very fact that Jesus was talking with a Samaritan woman was in and of itself almost a miracle. This lady was living with a man outside of marriage and, she had been previously married several times. She had a very checkered past. Yet, she finds herself getting water and talking with a Jewish man who knows everything about her.
Now get the picture… Jesus Christ… the Messiah… Savior of the world… is talking with a woman who has been married five times and is currently living with a man. I dare say some Christians and maybe some Pastors would be hesitant to talk with such a woman today… after all, she had quite a reputation. But Jesus is speaking to her. Jesus loves her. Jesus tells her she can receive “living water that will give her eternal life.”
So, the woman with the checkered past is told by Jesus, He wants to forgive her and give her meaning in life. The offer is the same for us. None of us have messed up so bad, that Jesus doesn’t love us. He will forgive us… He will put us on our feet. He loves us.


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