“Grace And Truth”

A lady was sitting for a portrait. At the completion of the portrait she was able to view it. But, she was disappointed with the portrait.
She said, “Why, that portrait doesn’t do me justice.”
The artist said, “Lady, you don’t need justice, you need grace.”
We all need grace; every day and every minute.
Grace means forgiveness. It means a second chance. In John 1:17, John says, “…the law was given through Moses; Grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”
The word used for “grace” there is the word “charis;” the word means “the free expression of the the lovingkindness of God finding it’s only motive in the bounty and benevolence of the giver.. unearned and unmerited favor.”
The word used for “truth” means “reality… the manifested veritable essence of matter.”
So, “grace and truth…” we receive them both in Jesus. Grace means the totally unmerited favor of God and truth means reality… the essence of matter.
We need both every day. We are sinners… we need a Savior and we need someone who forgives us when we slip… when we make mistakes.
Consider this…. all other world religions are based on works. The adherents of that religion must do things to be in good favor with their god. The opposite is true with Christianity. Christianity is based on grace… we can’t earn our salvation… it is an absolutely free gift from God.
And, in a world where we don’t now who to trust, Jesus is truth.
Today and every day, we need grace and truth… .forgiveness and truth… a second chance and truth…. Jesus offers them both to us.
We do not deserve them. We have done nothing “worthy” to receive them. But, God’s offer of grace is there. You messed up yesterday? Jesus gives us grace.
Today, experience God’s grace and truth.

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