Do You Have Doubts About The Faith?

Do you ever have doubts about the Christian faith? Doubts about the Bible? Doubts if the whole thing is real or not? Last night, I spoke with someone who had doubts. We were having a good discussion and this individual said, “I don’t know how you believe all that…” referring to the Bible. I told her I understood. I accept the Bible by faith and most of you reading this accept the Bible by faith but, there are lots of people who have doubts and some just absolutely deny the truth of the Bible.
If you have had doubts, you aren’t alone. In Luke 24:38 Jesus appeared to the disciples following His resurrection. He did so to prove to them that He had indeed risen from the grave. It wasn’t a myth.. Jesus was literally in their presence. But, some of the disciples had doubts. Sensing this, Jesus said, “…Why are your hearts filled with doubt?” So, some of the disciples had doubts which is why Jesus appeared to them… He was proving that He was real.
How about you? Do you have doubts? It’s ok if you do. The reason I say that is, we have to accept Jesus and Christianity by faith. None of us have ever seen Jesus. We accept the Bible by faith.
There are two things that we hang onto that prove that Christianity is real; faith and changed lives. That’s it. None of us saw Jesus. None of us saw Peter or Paul… we accept their existence by faith in God’s word.
Several years ago, I had an exchange with an atheist on twitter. This person said that he used to teach Sunday School but he gave up and was now an atheist. I asked him why he gave it up? He said, “I couldn’t accept a talking snake.”
He was talking about the story in Genesis where the snake speaks to Adam.
There are lots of people like him.
I have questions about some things in the Bible… but I understand more of it than I have questions about.
Billy Graham passed away recently. Early in his ministry, he struggled with some doubts about the Bible. But, he came to a point where he accepted the Bible and preached it. Thousands of times, we heard him say in sermons, “The Bible says…”
So, if you have doubts… I understand but try to get past that and believe in a Savior who loves you enough to die for your sins.
Abraham Lincoln was reading his Bible when a friend of his who was not a believer walked into the room. . The man said, somewhat sarcastically, “I see that you are profitably engaged.”
Lincoln replied, “I am profitably engaged… Take all of this Bible on reason that you can and the rest by faith and you will live and die a better man.”

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