Jesus Deserves To Be Lord Of Our Lives

This week one of my posts was on the subject of anxiety and how God consoles us.. comforts us… with our anxiety is multiplied.
Another post dealt with peace and how Gideon named an altar “Yahweh Shalom,” which means “God is peace.”
So, our loving heavenly Father comforts us when we are worried and gives us peace in troubled time. Doesn’t it make sense, that if God comforts us and gives us peace, He deserves to be Lord of our lives? Sure it does!
No other God comforts us and gives us peace.
Think about the things and people that could be Lord of your life? For many people, it’s themselves. We worship ourselves. We have a tendency to be selfish but we can’t save ourselves. In fact, our foolish decisions create problems in our lives. So, we should not worship ourselves.
Some make leisure their God. Maybe it’s hunting… maybe it’s fishing.. maybe it’s golf… maybe it’s traveling… you could name many other things that man worships. But leisure can’t give us peace. At times, it can make us feel worse if our hunt or our fishing trip didn’t go well.
Some make money their God. They are workaholics. They love to make money and save money. There is nothing wrong with hard work and making money unless, it becomes your God and it is God to many people. What happens if we lose all our money? We are sad.. Many turn to alcohol to soothe them which is money we shouldn’t worship money.
There is only one person who will never let us down and who is worthy of our praise and that is Jesus. Jesus Christ has all the power in the world. He was with the Heavenly Father when He spoke creation into existence. But Jesus, our all powerful, all knowing God, loved us enough that He left heaven and came to earth and lived among us an ultimately sacrificed His life for the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus is the all powerful God and yet, this all powerful God loves us.
And that is why Jesus deserves to be Lord of our lives. Psalm 99:9 says, “Exalt the Lord our God, And worship at His holy hill; for Holy is the Lord our God.”
Psalms 99:1 says, “The Lord reigns, let the peoples tremble.”
Today, Jesus Christ deserves to be Lord of your life. He loves you, forgives you, provides for you and comforts you. Put Jesus first.

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