People Of Refuge

All of us have a place that we feel safe and secure. For most of us, that’s probably our home… maybe our favorite chair or maybe a chair on our deck or in our screened-in back porch or our recliner. For some maybe it’s our bed.. but we all have a place that is our “safe spot”… or refuge. We love to go there or sit there when we are tired or, when we are experiencing anxiety.
Everyone needs a safe place or, a place of refuge.
The Bible says that Israel had cities of refuge. God instructed Joshua to designate cities of refuge. The purpose of these cities was, if anyone killed someone accidentally or unintentionally, they could run to the cities of refuge and be safe fro relatives seeking revenge. It was a place of refuge.
While they may not be designated as cities of refuge, the church should be a place of refuge…. it should be a place where anyone can go and find grace and help in time of need. We Christians should be people of refuge. We should be the type of person that an individual can go to and find someone who loves without judging. Someone who accepts them.
Today, join me and being a person of refuge… a person who doesn’t judge or condemn but instead, a person of love. That doesn’t mean we agree with everything someone does but, we can still love a person even if they have messed up. Let’s be people of refuge.

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