The Church Is People

What is the church?  Is it the building?  Is it the Pastor?  The Music?
While we should like the Pastor and staff, they aren’t the church nor is the building. I’ve been reminded of this in the last two years. And, I was reminded of it again, last night.
I did a wedding in Atlanta last night. After the wedding, the room that we used was being “flipped” for the reception. Some wedding pictures were being taken while this was done and various people were talking with one another.
The mother of the groom approached me and expressed appreciation for the ceremony. Then she told me that she was Episcopalian. As we talked she told me she had gone through a program to learn more about the faith. I shared some of my past with her.
Then, she said, “but the church is people..” I nodded in agreement. Then she said, “The parishoner I sit beside is the church… Now, we may have disagreements from time to time but, I don’t leave because the church is people.”
She is absolutely right. Especially the part about having disagreements. It may be that you have had a disagreement with someone and you are considering leaving the church Ultimately, that’s your decision and I don’t know how severe the disagreement is but, try to get past it.
Any church we attend has problems. You are going to have disagreements from time to time… that’s just the way it is. But, you don’t leave every time that happens. You work through it.
My friend reminded me again, that church is not about the building or the staff.. or even the music… it’s about the people. Go to church today and enjoy some fellowship with a fellow church members and let your heart be warmed and encouraged.

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