“Wherever Your Treasure Is”

Someone has said that if you want to now what’s important to someone, look at their check-book and calendar and that will tell you. That’s pretty good advice because where you spend our time and money does reflect what’s important to us.
On one occasion, Jesus was teaching the people that they did not need to worry about what they would eat or what they would wear. He gave them the example of the birds of the air and the lillie’s of the field; He said “they don’t plant yet the Heavenly Father feeds them and they didn’t spin, yet they are clothed.”
Then, Jesus said “Sell your possessions and give to those in need. This will store up treasure for you in heaven.”
Then, as Jesus concluded that thought He added, “Wherever your treasure is, there are the desires of your will also be.” So, where are your treasures? Because your treasures follow your heart.
For some, their treasure may be their home. We all need basic shelter. We need a roof over our head and a bed to sleep in. But most modern homes go far beyond that and it’s ok to have a nice home if we can afford it but, our home should not become our treasure. It’s just a house.
For some, their treasure may be their automobile. Maybe someone has a Mustang or a Corvette or, maybe a Ford Limited truck or a Denali. Or, maybe someone has a Porsche or a Mercedez. There is nothing wrong with any of those as long as we don’t begin to worship them. We all need basic transportation but that’s it.
Or, maybe our treasure is our hobby. Maybe someone has season tickets to Georgia or Tech or maybe Auburn or LSU. There is nothing wrong with that if we can afford it but, it shouldn’t become our God.
The same goes for travel baseball or soccer or gymnastics. There is nothing with encouraging kids to play sports but, it becomes wrong if it becomes our God.
So, where is your treasure? Well, look around and see what you have spent money on. See where your time goes. Jesus said, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”


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