“Others Lord, Yes Others”

In north Georgia, there is a church that has grown significantly in recent years. A conference I attended was held at this church. I asked someone for the wifi password and was told that it was “others.” That was also the theme of the church. Everything they did was with “others” in mind.
Jesus was about “others.” When He went to the cross, He did so thinking of “others.”
This week, we are looking at Jesus seven sayings from the cross. Thus far we have looked at:
“Father, forgive them…”
“Today you shall be with me in paradise…”
“Woman, behold your son…”
“My God, My God; why hast thou forsaken me?”
Today, we look at the fifth of Jesus’ sayings… “I thirst.”
Look at the context here. Jesus has been on the cross for at least three hours. Thus far, He has spoke four times. He told the thief He would be with Him in paradise and He cared for His Mother. Jesus was thinking of others.
Only after caring for others did Jesus then, take care of Himself. Jesus said, “I thirst.”
Just two words… but Jesus asked for water for Himself.
But He did this only after talking with the thief on the cross and caring for His mother. In this saying, Jesus provides an example for us. We are living in a “me first” generation in America. Everyone wants to know “what’s in it for them?”
But Jesus provides an example of service. Paul said in Philippians 2 that Jesus “humbled Himself to the point of death… even death on the cross..” Jesus humbled Himself… He went to the cross to provide salvation for all mankind. Jesus gave His life.
On one occasion Jesus said, “The Son of Man didn’t come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.”
This week, as we think about the suffering Jesus experienced, let us look especially at His model of service. Just as Jesus served, we should serve. We should care for others.
“Others Lord, yes others. Let that my motto be.
Help me to live for others That I may live like Thee.”

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