“My God, My God; Why Hast Thou Forsake Me?”

Holli and I both grew up in fairly close-knit families. And most of our family stayed relatively close to home. But, that changed with us. Because I was in the ministry, we moved farther away from home. Early on, that was a little tough. We didn’t have any family close by… Occasionaly our famiiy would come visit us. As they would leave, Holli and I would turn to one another and say, “Well, it’s just us now.”
Now what we experienced was nothing compared to what others experience. Some people are abandoned as a children. I can’t imagine the pain
Well, there was a time when Jesus was abandoned.
So far, we have looked at three sayings from the cross;
“Father, forgive them…”
“Today you shall be with me in paradise…”
“Women, behold your son..”
Each of those sayings took place in the first three hours that Jesus was on the cross. The next saying is the most anguishing statement Jesus made. It has been called the most staggering sentence in the gospel. Jesus said, “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthni” which is translated, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”
When Jesus said this, darkness covered the land. Why was there darkness?
First, darkness is always associated with the judgment of God upon sin. So, darkness covered the land as an indication of the judgment of God upon sin.
Secondly, it represents the judgment of the Father against His Son. Jesus was perfect and had never sinned yet, He became sin on our behalf. When Jesus was on the cross, He took all the sin of mankind upon His body so, Jesus was being judged by His Father at this time.
But why did God forsake His Son? It’s because God is holy and cannot look upon sin. So, when Jesus took the sin of mankind upon His body, His Father could not look upon Him.
Jesus was abandoned by His Father because Jesus became sin. He became sin for us so that He could pay the price for our sin. This teaches us the great love of God. Jesus, who knew no sin, became sin for us and was abandoned by His Father in the process. That is tremendous love!
So, if you ever think God doesn’t love you, you are wrong. God does love us and He proved it on the cross.

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