“He Paid A Debt He Did Not Owe”

Let’s say you have a mortgage at the bank. It’s a long-term mortgage. Every month, you make your payment. Every now and then, you look at your balance. It’s large… and it’s going to take a while to pay it off… but you look at it anyway… just to see the little progress that you are making.
But one day, you get a letter from the bank. The bank has the original mortgage that you signed in it. You open it and it has stamped on it, “PAID.”
You think, “Something has to be wrong. I’m a LONG way from paying my mortgage off.”
So, you call the bank. You talk with a loan officer. They look up your mortgage and sure enough, it’s paid.
You tell them, it can’t be paid.
They tell you that another individual paid it off. You are stunned. Overwhelmed with gratitude that someone paid off your mortgage!
What Jesus did on the cross is greater than someone paying off our mortgage.
This week, my posts have been based on the 7 sayings of Christ from the cross. Thus far, we’ve looked at five of those sayings…
“Father forgive them, For they know not what they are doing.”
“Today you shall be with me in paradise.”
“Woman, behold your son…”
“My God, My God; Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me”
“I thirst”
Today, we look at the sixth of Jesus seven sayings; “It is finished.” When Jesus said this, He was saying that His mission was now complete. Remember, that Jesus came to earth to die for the sin of mankind. That mission has now been accomplished. Jesus has now paid the price for man’s sin. So, as Jesus is about to die, He says, “It is finished.”
Man’s sin debt has been paid.
Jesus has done for man, what man couldn’t do for himself. He has paid man’s sin debt. Man has access to God through Jesus Christ.
As a song goes;
“He paid a debt He did not owe
I owed a debt I could not pay
I needed someone to wash my sins away
And now I sing a brand new song
Amazing Grace
Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay”

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