A Place Of Hope To Sustain Us

When we are young, life is simple… or at least, it’s supposed to be. We aren’t worrying about paying bills, or job demands or raising kids… we are young. We are enjoying our youth.
But then, we graduate from High School… some go to college… some get jobs… some to junior college… we begin trying to determine what we want to do with the rest of our lives.
Some get married and begin raising children. Others put off marriage for a few years.. they have some things they want to do before they begin building a family. They are still young… they aren’t ready for responsibilities just yet.
Then, life happens.  Those who got married… some at least, begin having some problems. Marriage isn’t quite what they had thought it would be. Maybe they are let down by their spouse.       Maybe they reach a point where they get a divorce.
Others may lose jobs or, deal with addiction problems or go through some bad experiences. As they do, they begin to ponder life. It sure has gotten tougher. They remember their youth.. just a few years ago for some… and life just seemed simpler. They kind of long for those simpler days when life seemed so grounded.
Yesterday, I had a flash back like that. We were worshiping at Cartersville FBC and singing an old hymn… “The Old Rugged Cross..” As we sang, my mind went back to  East Fork Baptist church… In my mind, I could see the church… singing that old hymn. I admit, I teared up.
I thought about those simpler times… and part of me kind of wanted to go back to them. You can’t, of course… you press on… you grow the tough times of life. But that old hymn reminded me of days in my youth when my rock was East Fork Baptist Church. That little country church and it’s message of Jesus’ love, represented my roots.
Today, maybe life has been a little tough on you. Maybe you have longed for simpler times… perhaps more stable times. You would kind of like to go back… but you can’t. Those days are done.
But the message that was preached then is still preached today. The spirit of that old church still exists today. And it helps us… strengthens us… sustains us.. in the tough times of life.

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