Dr. Stephen Hawkings And God

Last night, Holli and I watched the movie “A Brief History Of Time” about Dr. Steven Hawkings, who passed away recently. Dr. Hawkings was a Physicist and an extremely intelligent man. He was diagnosed with ALS early in his life and he gradually lost all body functions. But, the disease had no impact on his mind. Using a specially equipped wheelchair, Hawkins wrote the book “A Brief History of Time” which was a best-seller.
Dr. Hawkings was an atheist. On one occasion, he was invited to speak to a gathering in America. Someone asked the question, “Do you believe in God?”
Dr. Hawkings response was he believed there were no boundaries in the cosmos which led him to conclude there was no divine being.
I am FAR from the intellect of Dr. Stephen Hawkings. He had a brilliant mind. But for him, like many, if something couldn’t proven, it didn’t exist. He could not prove the existence of God. Scientifically, he could not prove that God exists so, he concluded that God did not exist.
Obviously, I disagree with Dr. Hawkings. While there may be no scientific formula to prove that God exists, as we look at God’s creation; as we witness the birth of a child, to me, at least, these things prove that God must exist. I have never seen God. But, by faith, I believe that God exists.
Can I explain all the suffering in the world? No, I can’t.
Can I explain why bad things happen to good people? No, I can’t.
Can I explain some of the things that happened in the Bible? No, I can’t.
But, in spite of those things, I believe that God is real. I do not always understand the ways of God, but I know that God is real.
Dr. Stephen Hawkings had a brilliant mind. And I am very sorry he could not believe in God. Many others are like him. If you struggle to believe in God I ask you this; though you may not be able to prove that God exists, can you prove definitively that God doesn’t exist? Personally, I would think not.
I encourage you to accept by faith… not scientific equation… but by faith that God exists.

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