You’re Never Too Old Too Learn

Are you growing as a Christian? Are you reading the Bible and learning more about it? Are you growing in Christian character? If you aren’t growing, you should be. The Bible tells us that our Lord grew. In Luke 2:52, the Bible says, “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.”
Now, someone may say, “Well of course Jesus grew! He was God!”
And yes, you are right.. He was God so it was expected He would grow. And He provides an example for every Christian that we too, should grow.
We should grow in wisdom. Wisdom enables us to be more discerning… it enables us to make better decisions…
We should grow in stature… that means physically. Are you an active person? Getting some exercise? Exercise is good for us. It can clear your mind and gives you energy.
We should grow in favor with God and all people. This refers to growing socially. Do you have good relationships with others? Do you have a few close friends?
Jesus was a well-rounded child… He grew in every aspect of life and we should do the same.
There is an old story told about a man who had been with a company for thirty years. An opportunity for advancement came open and he applied but a younger employee got the job instead. He was angry!
He went to talk with the supervisor and said, “That’s wrong! I have thirty years of experience with this company!” The supervisor said, “No you don’t. You have three years of experience ten times over.”
What he meant was, the man had stopped growing years ago. He wasn’t learning more about his job. He wasn’t becoming a better employee.
How long have you been a Christian? If more than a few months, then you have had plenty of time to read the Bible and learn more. Is your Bible knowledge limited? If so, that means you should study the Bible more.
So, maybe you haven’t grown like you should. Ok, you can fix that. Develop a plan to grow and start today! Grow in every aspect of life like Jesus did!
Years ago, I was Pastor of a small church in Mississippi. I started a Masterlife discipleship group. On the first night, an elderly man came in who was the men’s Sunday School teacher (we didn’t have but one men’s class). He was very well respected by the other men in the class as knowing His Bible.
I was surprised to see him. I said, “Mr. Ralph, I’m surprised to see you.”
He replied, “Well, you’re never too old to learn.”
You aren’t. So, get started today!

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