Someone May Need You To Carry Their Cross

Do you know someone who is hurting? Someone who is struggling? Someone who needs a little help or encouragement? Someone who needs help in carrying their cross?
In Mark 15, Jesus has been tried and flogged and sentenced to death by crucifixion. Now, in His weakened condition, He is forced to carry His cross up Golgotha’s hill. Along the way, Simon of Cyrene, a bystander in the crowd, was told to carry Jesus’ cross.
Maybe there is someone who needs you to carry their cross? Maybe you know someone who is going through a tough time. They need help. They need encouragement. Maybe God wants you to help them… to carry their cross.
Carrying their cross may mean buying them a meal or paying for their groceries or doing some repair work for them. Maybe it means just being their friend.
As far as we know, Simon had never met Jesus previously. But he was standing along the way where Jesus was carrying His cross and just happened to be in a spot where a Roman solider saw him and he was told to carry Jesus cross.
The same may be true of us. Maybe God causes our lives to cross paths with someone who needs help. Someone who needs encouragement.
Today and in the days ahead… be sensitive to the needs of people around you. Someone may need you to help them carry their cross.

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