Happiness Isn’t Found In Wealth But In Right Living

Years ago there was a song that went;
“Money, money, money; Money!”
Many of you remember it.
We have a tendency to think that money can solve all problems. If we just had more money well, we would be happy and set. No problems. We could buy whatever we want…. go wherever we wanted to… have fun… enjoy life..
Someone has said, “How much money do we need?”
The answer is; “Just a little bit more.”
But, more money doesn’t solve all our problems. Proverbs 11:4 says, ” Riches won’t help on the day of judgment, but right living can save you from death.”
We can be loaded with money… we can be filthy rich but lost as a goose spiritually.             There is nothing wrong with money… as long as we don’t think our money will save us. Our money… our wealth, does us no good on the day of judgment.
But, the writer says, “…right living can save you from death.” “Right living” means living for the Lord. It means accepting Christ as our Savior. It means living by the Golden Rule. It means being people of integrity… being honest… helping others. If we trust Christ as our Savior and live for Him, we get eternal life.
Riches won’t help us at the day of judgment… but right living will. If your faith or your security or your happiness is based on your wealth, it’s in the wrong place. Trust the Lord as your Savior and live for Christ and that leads to happiness and eternal life.


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