Faith To Move Forward

Is God speaking to you about doing something that is going to stretch you? Maybe it’s something a little out-of-the-box for you and you are a bit anxious. Or, maybe it’s going to stretch your faith some. Although we serve the God who created the heavens and the earth, we have a tendency to be timid when it comes to attempting great things for God.
In the book of Numbers, there was a time when God told Moses to get twelve men together to go and spy out the land that Israel was going to. So, Moses selected men and they went. The land was indeed flowing with milk and honey… it was beautiful. But, it was well fortified and the spies didn’t think they could take it.
So, they returned to camp and they gave a report. Of the twelve spies, ten of them brought a negative report. They told the people that although it was a beautiful land, they didn’t believe they could take it. But Joshua and Caleb gave a positive report. They told the people that God was able to take the land but the people had to have faith.
Well, the people rejected their report and elected not to try to take the land. As a result, God punished the people by causing them to wander in the wilderness for forty years. So, for forty years that generation wandered until that faithless generation died off. Then, God led the people forward.
The same thing can happen today. If God is calling you or your church to step out, do it! You may not see the way but God does. Don’t accept a negative report. Like Joshua and Caleb, have faith to move forward!

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