Don’t Brag About Being Foolish

Occasionally I will be talking with someone or, maybe I’m in a group of people and someone begins to boast about how much they drank or, they boast about something they did that was wrong. They may say something like, “Man, I got plastered” or.. “If you gives you an idea… I was there until they closed the bar down…” The person is boasting about how much they drank… how wild they were. Anytime I hear something like that I want to say, “I don’t believe I would be boasting about that.”
Proverbs 10:23 says, “Doing wrong is fun for a fool, but living wisely brings pleasure to the sensible.”
Think about that verse… “doing wrong is fun for a fool…” That’s a strong verse. So, a fool gets pleasure out of doing the wrong thing. What is the wrong thing?
It could be lying.
It could be having an affair…
It could be boasting about how much you drank.
Anyone who boasts about those things… the Bible says, is a fool. When someone wants to boast about many women they have been with.. that person is a fool.
When someone wants to boast about how wild a party was.. that person is a food.
Why does someone do that? Because they don’t have a moral compass or, there is no conviction of sin. They want to be accepted by people so they brag about this stuff. When, if you need to be brag about how wild you are, you don’t ned those people as a friend.
Paul said in Galations 6:14, “But it may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me crucified to me, and I to the world.”
Doing wrong is fun for a fool. Let’s not be foolish. Let’s glory in doing right… in a relationship with Jesus.

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