Jesus Loves Us All

He was a little rough looking. I admit, I was a little uncomfortable. I began to talk with this person…

I asked where they lived… They told me..
I asked where they worked… they told me…
They lived some distance from where the worked. They caught a ride into the area on the days they could. But as I thought about the conversation, some things weren’t adding up. I asked, “where do you sleep on the other days.”
The person replied, “In the woods..”
It was like a punch in the gut. I felt for this person but I had nothing to give them.       Nothing. The person had a very low-paying job…
Some people might say, “Oh, you don’t now the whole story.” I’m sure I don’t. The person has probably made some mistakes that put them in that position but, still… sleeping in the woods?
I am reminded that Jesus loved all people…
An example of this is found in John 4. The Samaritans were racially mixed. Thus, the Jews considered them half-breeds. Yet, in John 4, Jesus demonstrated to the Jews that He loved everyone… including the Samaritans.
In John 4, Jesus went through Samaria. The Bible says that Jesus said, “I must go through Samaria.” This was the shortest way to take to get where Jesus was going but, it wasn’t the only way. The other route was through Perea, east of Jordan River. The Jews normally went through Perea because of their hatred of the Samaritans. But Jesus chose the very way the Jews normally avoided.
This is a reminder to us that Jesus loves everyone.
Jesus went through Samaria to demonstrate to the Jews that He loved everyone regardless of color or creed, regardless of nationality, regardless of socioeconomic status… Jesus loves us all.

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