“Teach Me Lord To Number My Days’

Yesterday, Dr. Billy Graham passed away. He lived to be 99. Most people would say, “He lived a long and full life” and that is true. But, from an eternal perspective, ninety-nine years is brief.
In Psalms 39:4 the Bible says, “Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered – how fleeting my life is.”
When you think about that verse, it should lead us to look at our time is spent. Right now, I’m working two jobs. My only day off is Sunday. We go to church Sunday morning so we have Sunday afternoon. I want to use that time wisely because my only time off during the week. Some of you can identify… you are in the same position.
So, where should we spend our time? Most of us have to work so that’s forty – sixty hours per week… some may work longer but forty-sixty is probably the average. We need to get seven to eight hours a night in sleep so that’s fifty-six hours per week. We need to exercise so let’s say we devote an hour a day to exercise, five days a week. That’s five hours a week. So, if we work forty hours a week… sleep fifty-six… exercise five… that’s one-hundred-and-one hours per week. We get one-hundred-and-sixty-eight hours a week. So we have sixty-seven hours a week left. Worship and Bible study takes about four hours per week… so we still have sixty-four hours.
So where does that sixty-four hours go? Where do we invest our time?
The Psalmist said, “Remind me that my days are numbered.” Our days are numbered. Be sure you are using your time wisely.
Someone has observed that when you want to think about your life… and where your time goes, consider “the dash.” On every head-stone on a grave, there is a name and then, there is our birthdate. That birthday is followed by a dash. Then, the date of death is there.
So, our lives… are marked by the “dash.” What will your dash say about you?
Let’s use the time the Lord has given us wisely.

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