Waiting On The Lord

Confession: I do not like to wait.
And, I’m guessing I’m not alone. I’m guessing someone reading this feels the same way. I know I’m not right… in hating to wait… but that doesn’t change the fact that I do not like to wait.
When we go to restaurant, the place has to have a GREAT reputation for me to wait very long. If I’m browsing the internet and you have a slower than normal connection and you have to wait… and wait… and wait… for a connection, I can get impatient. Or, you call someone and you are put on hold and you wait and you wait and you listen to music and you wait… You get the idea?
But, although I don’t like to wait, waiting is most definitely part of life.
In Psalm 27:14, the Psalmist says, “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”
The Psalmist says “wait patiently…” In our world of short attention spans, that’s tough. I mean, think about… we can download music, movies, books.. instantly. We have overnight shipping. We don’t have to wait for lots of things any more.
But, in our spiritual lives, we are told to wait. Why does God for us to wait? It could be to teach us to trust Him. If we are waiting for something, we have to accept that what we are waiting for may not happen. That’s possible. So, we have to trust that God has our best interest at heart and whatever God does is right.
Psalms 62:1 says, “I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.”
Isaiah 8:17 says, “I will wait for the Lord…”
Maybe you are in a holding pattern today. You are waiting on something and you are getting frustrated. Don’t get discouraged. As the Psalmist said, Wait patiently for the Lord.”

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