How Much Does Our Salvation Cost Us?

How much has your salvation cost you?
You might say, “Nothing… salvation is free… it’s by grace through faith.” And, you would be correct. But, even though salvation is free, when we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins, we are committing our lives to Jesus. So, while technically it’s free, in exchange for forgiveness, we give our lives to Jesus. Or do we?
There is not much commitment in modern Christianity. Most people want the fire insurance of missing hell but they don’t want to make a commitment to Christ. They don’t want to commit to worship or give or serve and that’s wrong. We should be so thankful for what Christ has done for us that we commit our lives to Him.
In Exodus 13, after God had brought Israel out of Egypt, He told the people that their firstborn belonged to God. Why their firstborn? It was because when the death angel passed over Egypt in the last plague, all across the land of Egypt God took the lives of the first born of the Egyptians. So, to help Israel remember what it cost for them to be released from slavery in Egypt, God told them their firstborn belonged to Him.
This is similar to what happens with us when we observe the Lord’s Supper. When we take of the bread and the juice, it’s a reminder to us of the sacrifice Jesus made for us.
Salvation is by grace… it doesn’t cost us anything… but grace should lead us to commit our lives to Christ. We should give our lives to Christ in exchange for what Christ has done for us. Today, put Jesus first and give Jesus your life.

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