The Example Of A Child

We have a grandson named Peyton. As you can imagine, Peyton is precious to us. Peyton is a 10 month old baby… he is very trusting. Payton would pat the head of our dog if we didn’t prevent him from doing it. The thought that the dog might bite has never crossed his mind. Peyton is like all other children…he’s trusting

On one occasion, some ladies were bringing their children to Jesus. Jesus disciples didn’t think Jesus should be bothered with children so they were discouraging the ladies from bringing the children To Jesus.

When Jesus saw this, he became angry. He scolded the disciples and reminded them that the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who have child-like faith. For any of us to come to Christ, we must have child-like humility and faith. Humility makes us teachable. Child-like faith leads us to place our trust in Jesus.

So, what about you? Is your heart filled with humility and leads you to listen to instruction and to recognize the need for help in life? We can’t come to Christ unless we humble ourselves and by faith ask Jesus into hearts. Today don’t be filled with pride… But instead let humility fill your heart.

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