Hurting So Bad You Don’t Want To Hear Anymore? God Understands… And Loves Us

Are you hurting? Discouraged? Depressed?
If you are, you aren’t alone. Maybe you are struggling to go to church today. You normally go. Maybe you even have a spot where you normally sit. You believe in God… that hasn’t changed. But you are hurting and you just don’t want to have deal with people. I understand. Been there.
The people of Israel were there. Moses went to Egypt and told the people of Israel that the Lord was sending Moses to Pharoah to tell him to release the people. But the Bible says, “…they refused to listen anymore. They had become too discouraged by the brutality of their slavery.”
Think about those words… “they refused to listen….they had become too discouraged…”
Ever been there? I’m guessing you have. There are times when, if you are hurting… and at times if you’ve been hurting long enough… when you may tell someone, “listen… I don’t want to hear anymore.” You may even put your hand up when someone is speaking as if to say…. “just stop… I don’t want to hear anymore.”
Well, in spite of the fact they didn’t want to hear anymore, Moses had good news for Israel. God was about to convince Pharoah that He was God.
I don’t know what you are facing or, what you have faced, but God knows what you are going through. Even though you may be down and don’t really want to hear anything from anyone, God loves you and does care for you. God may be developing a plan right now… just as He was for Israel, to bring you out of your Egypt… out of your hurt… out of your pain
God loves us.. even though God’s people at times don’t love they should… God DOES love us. God DOES care.

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