In the movie, “Remember The Titans,” there is a scene where the Coach has the kids around him and one kid begins to explain why he couldn’t cover another player.” The Coach tells the player to be quiet and says, “Did I ask for your excuses?”
I think the Lord probably says the same about us. We are good at offering excuses.
Kids have excuses for teachers when they don’t get their work done.
Employees have excuses for why didn’t get their work done.
Church members have excuses for why they can’t serve or give.
But an excuse is just that…. an excuse. It is a failure to take responsibility for something we should have done.
In Exodus 4, God is calling Moses. God tells Moses He wants him to go before Pharoah.       But Moses says, “Lord, I don’t speak real well.” God became angry with Moses and told him to find his Aaron and He would send Aaron with him as his mouthpiece.
We are all like Moses in that we have a tendency to make excuses. In the gospel of Matthew, there is a story about a time when a man was about to go on a trip and he calls three of his servants before him. He gives one five talents, another four and another one.       He instructs them to invest them and manage them while he was gone.
When the Master returned he called the three servants before him. The one with five talents had invested his and he had made five more talents. The Master said, “Well done…” The one who was given four invested his as well… The Master said, “Well done…”
But the one who received one talent had the longest reply of the three. He had an excuse for why he hadn’t invested his talent. The Master said, “You wicked, lazy slave.” It took him longer than any of the three to make his excuse.
What kind of excuse are you giving the Lord? Whatever it is, it’s not valid. If you are making excuses for not worshiping, not giving, not serving, not reading your Bible…. you need to stop. Look at what Jesus did for you. Folks, when we picture Jesus on the cross, suffering for our sins, we have no excuse. Stop making excuses and get to work doing what God has called you to do.

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