God Lights Up Our Darkness

Drug addiction… alcohol addiction.. porn addiction… bad thoughts…mistakes… All of these and other things are sin in our lives.  And in the Bible, darkness symbolizes sin.              All of us were in the darkness before we gave our lives to Christ. But, even though we have asked Jesus into our hearts for forgiveness, we still deal with darkness. Our old flesh… our old habits… represent darkness and it’s a constant battle with them.
But the Psalmist say, “You light a lamp for me… The Lord, my God, lights up my darkness” (Ps. 118:28).
The Lord lights up our darkness… the Lord helps us with our darkness… The Lord gives us strength to deal with our darkness.
For some, their darkness may be depression and periodically they slip into a dark spot in their lives.
For others, their darkness may be drug addiction, and they battle the temptation every day.
For others, maybe their darkness is porn, and they battle that darkness every day.
Just because we invite Christ into our hearts doesn’t mean we don’t battle darkness any more. We battle the darkness every day… every minute… every second of our lives but God “lights up our darkness.”
Today, if you are battling the darkness… if you are struggling with an old habit… some old sins… some bad thoughts… God will light up our darkness… God will give us strength to deal with the darkness in our lives. That’s why we worship Him and serve Him.

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