If You Are Climbing The Ladder, Make Sure It’s The Right One

Over the last year, I’ve occasionally made a post where I have opened up my heart. Each time I do this, it scares me because we have a tendency to be judgmental and I don’t look forward to some judgmental Christian stepping on my exposed heart. But, I have posted these hoping they help someone and based on Facebook response, they have. So, here is another post in the “confessional” series…

If you are climbing the ladder, be sure you are on the right one.
That though hit me recently. Why? Because I was climbing the ladder as a Pastor. I have been doing it most of my ministry. I came up during the time of the church growth movement. I remember sitting around the table in seminary and everyone talked about when they became Pastor of “First Baptist so & so…” All of us were going straight to the top… or so we thought. The problem is, there aren’t many “First Baptist so & so” churches out there and everyone ain’t going to make it..
But, think about the logic…. you are successful only when you reach this church… this point… That’s the idea I bought into. But it’s not true.
Success, in life and ministry is finding the very center of God’s will and getting in it. That is success. It’s not being the Pastor of large churches. If that were the definition, there would be lots of Pastors would not be successful. The average Southern Baptist Church has about 100 in worship each week.
From the world’s standpoint… success is money. If you make lots of money, you must be happy and successful.
From the world’s standpoint…. success is fame. If you were a well-know person… if you have received some awards, etc. you must be happy and successful.
From the world’s stand point, success is the house you live in. The car you drive, etc..
But, did Jesus promise us a big house? Only in heaven!
Did Jesus promise us a nice car? No.
Did He promise us a cruise every year? No.
But wait a minute… aren’t all those things necessary for success? No, they aren’t. Success is simply doing what God wants you to do. That’s it. It’s not the size of your home or car… It’s being obedient to the Lord.
My income has been reduced significantly. I’m not moaning… just stating a fact. But, God reminds me He never promised to make us wealthy… He promised to provide. We have two cars with high-milage. One of them is almost held together by duck-tape but, it runs. It gets us from “point A” to “point B.”
I admit, I was filled with the success syndrome. I was climbing the ladder. But again, if you are climbing the ladder, be sure you are on the right ladder. Because if you aren’t, you will be disappointed when you reach the top.
Happiness.. true happiness… is found in being in the center of God’s will for your life…. Nothing more…. nothing less.

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