We Should Give Our Best To The Lord

Recently, Holli and I were eating in Centreville, Miss and there was an elderly lady who sat down near us. She had a jacket in that indicated she was a fan of one of the D1 schools in Mississippi. At some point, she began to talk to Holli and in some time, I commented on her jacket. She said that she has a relative who is a major donor to a particular school. This individual gave a significant amount of money.
What led this person to give that money? Obviously, they believed in their school. They wouldn’t have made that much of a contribution if they didn’t believe in their school. We give to things we believe in. What did you give to in 2017? Where did your money go?
In the book of Malachi, the prophet chastised the people of Israel because they weren’t giving God their best. They were bringing animals that were blind, crippled and diseased and were offering them to the Lord. Malachi says, “Try giving gifts like that to your governor, and see how pleased he is!”
What about us? What are we giving to the Lord? Are you giving God your time? God gives us one-hundred-and-sixty-eight hours in a week. Are you making time for worship and Bible study and service? If your not, you should be.
What about money? Are you giving ten percent to the Lord’s work? Or, are you only giving one or two percent?
Back to the story I used at the beginning of this post. That individual gave money because they love their school. Do we love the Lord and His church? If so, we will give. I hope that in 2018, you will be faithful in stewardship and give at least a tithe to the Lord’s work. We should give our best… not our second-best.

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