We All Need A Lake Forgetful

Yesterday, Holli and I were driving through Hattiesburg, MS. For those of you who live outside of Mississippi, Hattiesburg is the home of the University of Southern Mississippi. It’s a nice College town.
As we made our way through Hattiesburg, we passed a sign that caught my attention. The sign was giving directions to a lake. The the lake was named “Lake Forgetful.”
As I read it, I thought, “well, you shouldn’t forget the name of that lake… even the name reminds you or encourages you not to forget.” But as we drove I continued to ponder where the name “Forgetful” came from.
There is probably a very good reason why “Lake Forgetful” is known as “Lake Forgetful” but I don’t know it. So, as I thought about reasons it could have been given the name “Forgetful,” I speculated.
Think with me… maybe sometime in the past, someone named the lake “forgetful” because when they went to the lake, the peace and serenity of the lake made them forget their problems so… they named it forgetful. I’m strictly speculating here but that isn’t a bad theory.
But, regardless how lake forgetful got it’s name, most of us would like to have a place where can just forget our problems. As we approach the end of this year, maybe it wasn’t the best year for you. Maybe you made some mistakes. Maybe you lost a job. Maybe your income was cut. It could be a number of things but, the bottom line is, 2017 was a tough year for you. You are hoping… praying that 2018 is going to be better.
Well, I can tell you that with the Lord’s help, you can forget 2017. Paul wrote in II Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; behold all things are passed away, all is new.” That verse teaches that whatever mistakes are in our past… that’s were they should stay… in our past.
Paul also wrote in Philippians, “Forgetting what lies behind.. we press on…” (Phil 3:13) I encourage you to put the past behind Does that mean it didn’t happen? No.
Does that mean you won’t have an occasional relapse? No. Does that mean you won’t deal with some consequences of past mistakes? No
But, it does mean that you can… move forward. It’s in the past. Every time Satan brings it up, remind him, it’s in the past.
So, maybe we all need to take a trip to Lake Forgetful. Maybe we stand by the lake and pray and ask the Lord to take every mistake we’ve ever made and let’s forget it by dumping them in Lake Forgetful. Do that with me today.

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