Looking Back… Where Did Your Time And Money Go In 2017?

Where did you invest your time and money in 2017? Was it a worthwhile investment? That’s the question I’m asking myself as I reflect back on the year. “Where did my time go?” “Where did I spend my money?”
Someone has said that if you want to know what’s important to someone look at their check-book and calendar. So, what’s important to you?
As you think back across the year, how much time did you invest in television? There is nothing wrong with watching some television. There is some very good programming. But there are some things on television that are just trashy and silly. Why do we waste good time watching this stuff? I encourage you to monitor your television viewing. Do the same with movies. There are some movies that just aren’t worthy of time or money.
Where did you spend your money? Was it a worthy investment?
Question… how much clothing do you have? Do you really need more clothing? Ask yourself that question before you spend money… do you NEED what you are about to purchase?
I would encourage every church to do this as well. Many churches and Christians can mistake “activity” or “meetings” for being busy in the Lord’s work. I’m guessing that fifty percent… if not more… of the meetings held in a church don’t have to be held. Take that time and invest it in ministry. Instead of sitting around a table discussing something until your blue in the face, get out and help someone in Jesus’ name.
Time is precious and money is limited. We need to invest both wisely. This week, reflect back over 2017. Where did your money and time go? Make sure it was used wisely.

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