Christmas Does Not Have To Be Over

Christmas is over…
The gifts have been unwrapped… we have left-overs from our Christmas meal.. today, people will start making returns on Christmas items that were too small or too large.
But, is Christmas really over? Well, it’s not December 25th any more but, the spirit of Christmas does not have to be over. At Christmas, we tend to become a little more generous… we are little more forgiving… we may even say, “I wouldn’t normally do this but… it’s Christmas.” Ok, why does “Christmas” have to stop on December 25th? It doesn’t. The spirit of Christmas can last throughout the year.
There is a song that goes “it’s Christmas every day.” I encourage you, as we close out 2017 and prepare to enter 2018, to let the spirit of Christmas remain in your heart. We can help others… The Christmas spirit leads us to be a little more concerned about the welfare of others. Let’s carry that spirit into the new year.
Let’s be forgiving. During WWI, a Christmas truce took place and fighting ceased on Christmas day. But why not carry that spirit into the new year?
Christmas is not over… the spirit of Christmas can continue throughout the year.

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