“Ready For Christmas,” I asked. “Ready For It To Be OVER,” Was The Reply

As we approach Christmas day, I’ve been reminded recently that Christmas is tough for lots of people…
This past week, I was making a parts delivery and I went to a dealership I’ve been to numerous times. There is a young lady who works at the parts counter. I said, “Are you ready for Christmas?”
She replied, “I’m ready for it to be OVER.”
I said, “Why do you feel that way?”
She said, “Money….”
I then asked if she had extended family… she did… and she mentioned her Dad but said, “We don’t talk.”
I replied, “You need to talk to your Dad.”
She said, “He’s a Jack…..”
I felt for her…
Then, last Saturday night, Holli and I were eating at a local restraunt. We go there regularly and there is one lady that is our server most of the time. Last Saturday night, as we ate, I asked our server if she was ready for Christmas?
She replied, “Well, I’ve got to work until 9.” Then, she added, “My sister is going to be there with her boys and I just want them to wake up together on Christmas morning.”
As we talked.. our friend said that her sister had gotten involved with the wrong man and she had gotten on drugs and it had been a tough couple of years. I thought about what she said… first, she was working until nine, Christmas Eve. Not ideal but, she was rolling with it.
Then, I thought about what would make her happy… her two nephews waking up in the same house together… She didn’t mention anything about gifts…. just waking up in the same house together.
As I listened to her, I thought that lots of people are hurting and that is compounded at Christmas. I encourage you to be sensitive to people around you who are hurting.
Christmas, for lots of people… brings hurt… pain… Jesus came to this earth to love us all and help us with our pain. Let the Lord use you to share the love of Christ with someone who is hurting.

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