Christmas Tells Us That God Loves Us

Mankind had a problem… it was a sin problem. Man was separated from God. It had been like that since Adam took the fruit in the garden of Eden. So man needed to be right with God.
Man built altars and made sacrifices… Man tried giving… Man tried to live a moral, clean life. But none of it worked. Man was still separated from God.
But God had a plan… Since the beginning of time, God had planned to send His Son into the world. His Son would be a perfect sacrifice for man. His Son would do for man, what man couldn’t do for himself… He would be a perfect sacrifice.
But God had to get His Son to the earth and without sin. So, the Son had to be virgin born. He couldn’t come into the world like any other child because if He did, He would come into the world as a sinner. So, God planned to cause a lady on earth to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit.
So, an angel appeared to Mary and told her she was with child. Mary couldn’t believe it… she hadn’t had intercourse with Joseph… how could she be pregnant? But, after a few moments with the angel, Mary said, “I am the bond-servant of the Lord; be it done unto me according to your will.”
Think about those words… “I am the bond-servant of the Lord…” Mary was saying, “I will do whatever the Lord wants me to do..” Can you and I say that? Could we, like Mary, say, “I am the bond-servant of the Lord?”
The fact that God went to the extent of causing a lady to conceive and have His Son be virgin-born should tell us all that God loves us. Christmas should tell us that God loves us. God sent His Son to this sin-infested world because He loves us.
Jesus is God’s gift to mankind. It’s the greatest gift ever given. And, it says to everyone, regardless of skin color, regardless of socio-economic status, regardless of education… it tells everyone that God loves us.
If you are struggling today and you think no one loves you, Christmas tells us that God loves us. God caused His Son to be virgin-born because He wanted us to have a Savior. God loves you. Accept God’s love today.

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