“I’m Not Limited, I’m Adaptive…”

Holli and I were invited to a meal that was given for local minister’s and spouses. We had a great time. We met a Marine Vet, whom God really used to speak to my heart. His name is Johnny Jones. Johnny is from Dalton, Ga.
He lost both legs in combat. If someone has lost both legs, they have a right to complain, right? They have a right to be down, right? Maybe throw themselves a pity party.
As Johnny spoke to our group, he made a statement that really spoke to my heart. He said, that when gets down he reminds himself, “I’m not limited, I’m adaptive. I’m not resentful, I’m resilient.”
Wow! STRONG statement!
“I’m not limited..”… he’s not dwelling on what happened to him… he’s not allowing the loss of both legs limit him.
“I’m adaptive…” Yes, he lost both legs… but he’s not dwelling on that… he’s adapting. Reminds me of an old quote on attitude.. “Life is 90’s how
“I’m not resentful…” It would be EASY for him to be resentful… Be mad at the world… but he hasn’t.
“I’m resilient..” In the face of adversity, he chooses to be tough… to be resilient.
That statement spoke to me. In the last psst twenty-one months, my attitude has not been the best… but God spoke to me last night.
What about you? Has life thrown you a curve? Has something happened that you were not prepared for? It happens. Now you have a choice… you can dwell on the problem… you can tell people how unlucky you have been… you can throw yourself a pity party… or, you can choose to adapt… and ask the Lord to help you deal with life.
“I’m not limited, I’m adaptive. I’m not resentful, I’m resilient.” Thank you, Johnny Jones, for your attitude and speaking to my heart.

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