Church Is Cancelled… Or Is It?

      “Church is cancelled today.”
      That’s the notice that lots of people have received all over the area. With snow on the ground and dealing with black ice on the roads, many churches have cancelled church today. But, is church really cancelled today?
     No, it’s not. Well, the worship service may be cancelled but church isn’t cancelled. You see, “church” is not the building. “Church” isn’t the worship gathering. Yes, that is the church “gathered,” but the “church” is the people.
      The word “church” comes from the greek word “ekklesia.” The word means “called out ones.” In the New Testament, as the church was beginning, when a person believed in Jesus Christ, they began gathering with other believers and they were “called out” of the pagan world to live the Christ-like way.
      Many churches have cancelled “church” today… what they have really cancelled is just the worship gathering. I’m not minimizing worship… it is important… But that’s not “church.” As I stated earlier… “church” is people. You and me.
      You could have a group of believers in your home today and that could be church. You could gather with a group of believers in a local restaurant and that would be church. You could get a group of believers and go help someone today and that would be “church.’
     Church is not the gathering… in fact, in the truest sense of the word, we may be more like what the word ‘church” means when we are out helping someone.
     So, your church isn’t cancelled today. Yes, the worship service may be. But the church is meeting today… where ever believers go. If your “church” is canceled today… read a verse of scripture in the privacy of your home and talk about it as a family. Listen to some Christian Christmas music and have a little worship time. The church is meeting today… but it may be in your home…

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